George Janczura (Gorgeous George)

Anna, a good friend of the family, had written these words when George passed away back in February. As George had met so many people over the years, sadly some are still hearing this news for the first time.

George Janczura was known and loved by so many & as we all know, George liked nothing better than socialising with us all over a pint.   I personally first met ‘Gorgeous’ George 40 years ago….


Sadly, he was  taken from us on 5th Feb 2015 at the age of  61 after being diagnosed with cancer in Dec 2014.

Unfortunately,  as George  lasted only 6 weeks  after diagnosis, no plans had been put in place for this sad day.  Because of this, I would love to be able to help his only family, his sister Lucy & help her pay for George’s funeral costs and to also donate to the  Macmillan Nurses who  helped him through this difficult time.
So everybody, if you would like to help us a donation would be much appreciated, all donations will go to the  funeral fund and Macmillan nurses.

A service is being held at Amersham Crematorium at 4.45pm  on Wed 18th Feb, if you’d like to say goodbye and/or afterwards at The Cookham Social  Club… Cheers, Anna.