Busy, busy….

I have been up at all hours trying to keep things organised behind the scenes & you may have received emails regarding your advertising at very odd tired-at-work-clip-art-178935hours!  Thank you to all who have replied so far, your support is appreciated.

I’m sure you have noticed various articles appearing on Facebook, the announcement of the Poetry Competition winner & a constant flow of links to the business directory… if you have any thoughts on items you would like to see covered, please let me know.

Details of the next competition will be posted on Wednesday 15th June, it’s going to be Puppy Photos…Yaaayyyy!!! This will no doubt be very popular – so start hooking out your photos now!


Meanwhile, I still need you to send in a few words about how you arrived in Bourne End or Wooburn Green & what you do now. Come on, don’t be shy, putting a profile to the names we come across on Facebook is a great way to link the community together!

I hope to add an “Obituary” page in the next few weeks – It would be nice to have your thoughts on this…. In my mind, I think it would be nice to celebrate the lives of those in the community who have passed away & by making an announcement on here, you can also reach those people who have perhaps moved away or have lost contact.

Anyway, time to get on with other things… Kaye, x


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