Is this going to be the hottest summer ever in the UK?

Watching the weather & the forecast for Wednesday is 34º but apparently we have had temperatures of 37.1º in the past – What have you planned for the hottest day? …I think i’ll be mainly sat with the freezer door open & a fan blowing!

This is a report from the Met Office after temperatures hit a high in 1990.

Hot spell August 1990

At the beginning of August 1990 there was a widespread hot spell, during which a new UK temperature record was set

A maximum of 37.1 °C was measured at Cheltenham on the 3rd, beating the record of 36.7 °C set at Raunds (Northamptonshire), Epsom (Surrey) and Canterbury (Kent) on 9 August 1911. Temperatures exceeded 32 °C over large areas of southern, central and eastern England and east Wales from the 1st to 4th, peaking on the 3rd with over 35 °C recorded in several large swathes of England. 


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