Please, please don’t even consider this….

As I’m sure you are all aware leaving children or pets in a car in this heat is unthinkable but there are people out there, who don’t think.  Perhaps they think that just a few minutes while then run into a shop is going to be ok?

Sadly, this message needs to be repeated every time we have a little warm weather. Vehicles heat up incredibly quickly & even just a minute or two with the windows shut is dangerous…try it with yourself & you will discover how unbearable it is, long before you would have imagined.10487327_884339468246778_8743040083161280367_n

The best & only thing to do is NOT leave anyone, be it your child or your pet under any circumstances even for a minute…. & remember that more people than ever before are willing to smash your car windows (I would be the first to do it) in order to rescue your child or pet & call the authorities.

For those of us that are aware of the danger, perhaps we should print off a copy of this sign to stick in our car windows in a bid to make others aware of their stupidity!



  1. This should be mandatory in every parking lot. I have rescued many dogs in hot cars – people think because they leave the window down a few inches it is enough. It is not. Education is key here – Thank you for creating a well needed sign. Yes, yes, yes – let’s get this distributing to as many places as we can. Any help – just let me know

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    1. I totally agree Karen & thank you for your comment 🙂


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