Events Calendar Updated

Take a look at the events calendar as I have just updated it with a variety of events from wedding fairs & canal festivals to heritage days & a boutique cinema. Plenty to do over the next few weeks.




  1. Deborah Ibbott

    Hi Kaye

    I was wondering whether my little ‘event’ might be of interest for the Village Journal. I will be having my hair dyed bright pink then shaved off to raise money for Cancer Research (Breast Cancer Now). It’s being down on the Recreation Ground in Bourne End (I live on Recreation Road) on Saturday 29th August. The time is 11am to 1pm with the shaving at 12 noon. I’m suggesting everyone bring a rug and a picnic, and I’ll provide some drinks (Pimms and soft drinks). A friend of mine is doing a raffle and someone else will make cupcakes to sell. The dyeing and shaving will be done by Mulberry’s of Beaconsfield.
    The link to my facebook event, and just giving pages are below

    If this isn’t the sort of thing you’re looking for I understand!.

    Deborah Ibbott
    DMI Development Ltd

    (+44) 07780 437790


    1. Hi Deborah, yes I’m sure people will be interested in such a good cause. I will add it to the events diary & the Facebook page.
      Good luck & well done for offering yourself up for shaving your head! 🙂 x


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