Hiccup is a Rare Breed

As you know, Hiccup was our dog photo competition winner at the end of July & after meeting with her owner, Emma, I discovered that she is actually a rare breed.  Hiccup is one of less than 30 Portuguese Sheepdogs in the UK.

The Portugese Sheepdog (Also know as The Cão da Serra de Aires or Serra for short) was bred originally in Portugal to guard & drive flocks. These delightful medium sized dogs are often referred to as “monkey dogs” due to the way they use both their front & back legs which to us, look like “hands”.


The breed has an alert but easy-going nature with the ability to learn quickly. The coat is smooth with a “goat like” texture & a good weekly brushing will keep the coat in a nice condition as there is no undercoat or wool.  The coat is usually black, fawn, grey or brown.

The Serra is a dog with great appeal & this played a big part in saving them from virtual extinction in 1970. The wide community of dog owners who have acknowledged it’s appealing qualities have helped to save the breed. The breed is now increasing within many European countries although the UK still has a very limited number of breeders.

Thank you once again Emma, for sending in Hiccup’s photo & letting me come to meet her & also for making us aware of this beautiful & unusual breed.