How often do you clean your purse?

There are many reports in the news this week about purses collecting so many different bacteria that you could make yourself ill. How many of us actually think to wipe or clean our purses?

The University of Mauritius carried out detailed tests on 145 purses from 80 women and 65 men. Results show that 95.2 per cent of the purses had bacteria contamination & only 2.1 per cent of women cleaned their purses once a month, & 81.5 per cent never emptied them.

It appears that leather purses are usually cleaner as synthetic materials make it easier for bacteria to cling on to.

If you think about all the different places you put your purse down & the money you put in to them, it’s no wonder. But why don’t we think to clean them on a regular basis? What is your reason?

No doubt this applies to handbags too… as I’m thinking about the places that I put my bag down, I feel compelled to give it a good scrub!