Murder in Furlong Road….. in 1912


Dora’s Place of work: Rupert Russell’s Newsagent, Furlong Road 1911

When Mr. & Mrs. Hussey decided to rent the spare room at their home, Aberford Cottages in Princes Road, Cores End, no-one could have foreseen the events that would unfold.

Philip Trueman, 35, who worked as a driver for Mr. Jackson of Jackson Mill, moved in & after a couple of months started “keeping company” with the Hussey’s youngest daughter, Dora who was just 18 yrs old. Shortly after they became engaged.

Dora & her parents started to realise that Trueman was showing signs of a temper, jealousy & obsessive behaviour. He told Dora that she shouldn’t spend time with her friend, Olive Carr anymore & the good friends had often noticed him following them when they went for a walk. After discussing his strange behaviour with her parents, Dora decided to call off the engagement & her Father gave Trueman 1 week to find alternative lodgings.

Meeting Dora from work on 29th June at Mr. Russell’s Newsagents near the train station, the couple walked to Dora’s sister’s house in Furlong Road where she was to stay until Trueman found alternative accommodation. Trueman asked her to walk with him & Dora assured her brother-in-law that she would only be a few minutes. Later around 10pm, Mr. Arthur Weatherill, a tailor in Bourne End found Trueman in Furlong Road with a cut to his throat. There was a pool of blood in the road & Dora was found on meadow land in Furlong Road with her throat cut, almost severing the head.

Trueman seemed to be in despair as he told the police officer, PC Cannon that he had intended to cut his own throat & that Dora had asked to “go with him.”

The Slough Chronicle reported the story on October 18th 1912 after Trueman had appeared in Bucks Assizes, Aylesbury. Evidence was given by various people including Dora’s friend Daisy Olive Carr of Moorlands in Furlong Road, Dora’s brother-in-law of The Hut, Furlong Road, her father John Hussey of Aberford Cottages, Cores End & Dr. Selborne Bailey who described the injuries.

PC West found a suicide note written by Trueman describing his despair at losing Dora & leaving his money to his 2 brothers & sister who lived in Wales.

On 8th February 1913 it was reported by the newspaper that Trueman was to be executed at Reading Gaol but had received a reprieve.

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  1. Lorna Beaton

    This page is great, I really like the history section, could there be something about the paper mills in the area? Info about the Grange, Hedsor school(now a home) how Abbots Brook came into being? How the community centre came about?
    I currently live in Saskatchewan Canada, I still have family in the Bourne End area and have many great memories of Bourne End, and area. Thank you, it’s nice to know
    Eep informed of what is going on!


    1. Hi there,
      Thank you so much for your comments, it’s great to get some feedback especially from people who have links with the area.
      I am slowly building on each section & I will keep your suggestions in mind…Thanks again, Kaye.


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