Mystery Month – The Taplow Station Haunting


Taplow Station

Thank you to Dave Henwood for sharing this story for the “mystery month” series, which involved one of his colleagues just a few years ago.

Dave wrote ……Taplow Railway Station is said to be haunted by a lady who manifests herself on the seldom used Platform 1, usually towards the centre and east end of the station. The last sighting that I am aware of was a few years ago and involved a senior railway man of the time.

The story as told to me, was this…

“I had been called to Taplow late one frosty winter evening, to act as hand signaller after a signal at the London end of Platform 2 had become defective. My duties on this evening would be to relay instructions from the signalman to the driver, authorising drivers to pass the signal which was being held at “Danger” with its red aspect casting a pinkish glow through the fog which was now bearing down on my position.

As the evening wore on, the gaps between trains increased as the service naturally thinned out and after a couple of hours of being stationed at the defective signal, I became aware of a shadowy figure moving on Platform 1. Had it been a perfectly clear evening, I would still have considered this odd as no trains were due to call at that platform. As it was, I could scarcely make out whether this person was male or female but they appeared to be moving in my direction. I watched as the figure grew closer through the mist, almost to the point where I became unconscious of my surroundings, not something I was about to admit to the signalman in a hurry of course.

I could now see that the figure was female and appeared to be walking quite purposefully towards the end of the platform directly opposite where I was standing. I shouted across to the lady, she did not answer. I called again, still no reply. Regaining my situational awareness, I checked for approaching trains and was about to cross towards the ladies position when quite inexplicably, she walked down the ramp, turned 45 degrees and began crossing the tracks directly towards my position. The fog was thicker now and I couldn’t make out any facial features. The lady got closer and closer until she was right in front of me……..and she was gone! I stood fixed to the spot, there was no movement, everything was still and then slowly I became aware of the cold once more as the phone on the signal rang. I picked up the receiver and reported what I had just witnessed. A colleague was sent out to relieve me of duty and that was the last time I ever volunteered to be a hand signaller at Taplow.”

Taplow Station waiting room

Taplow Station waiting room


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