Mystery Month – Hedsor Folly

Lord Boston's Folly, Hedsor

Lord Boston’s Folly, Hedsor

Around 1976/77, four of my friends then aged 18 went up to Lord Boston’s Folly late at night.

Although we had always called it “the ruins”, it had been built originally as a sham castle to enhance the view from Hedsor House by Lord Boston.

This evening wasn’t the first time they had been to the Folly at Hedsor, they sat on the ground a few feet away & starting chatting. Apparently after 20mins or so, there was a faint chanting coming from across the field & as they all turned to see where the noise was coming from, a hooded figure appeared to be walking between 2 of the towers surrounded by a white mist & coming in their direction. Needless to say, they were up & running in seconds, not sure of what they had just seen. When they reached the road, they kept running until out of breath & then tried to make sense of what happened as they walked very quickly back down to Bourne End.

The following day, one of the lads described the incident as a hooded monk but the other three agreed it looked like a person in a robe, possibly doing a ritual of some kind. They didn’t ever go back to investigate further, as far I know.

I still wonder about this event. Was it a monk? Could the chanting be religious or related to a strange ritual? The idea of a monk doesn’t seem likely as the folly was built to resemble a ruined castle & hasn’t been used for religious purposes, so perhaps the suggestion of rituals being held there at night is a possibility?

All four people saw & heard the same thing but interpreted it slightly differently. Still, the facts were the same –  a hooded human figure, mist & the sound of chanting.

If you have ever experienced anything or heard of a similar story about Hedsor Folly, please do let me know….