Mystery Month – Ghost of Lady Hoby


Lady Elizabeth Hoby

Bisham Abbey was built for The Knights Templar in 1260. In 1538 the monks of Bisham Priory were violently removed from the Abbey by Henry V111 & the Abbot, John Cordery placed a curse on all who resided there. In years to follow, there were many reports of family deaths as each different family came & went.

But the most famous ghost at the Abbey is Lady Elizabeth Hoby who after her death in 1609, has made many appearances making Bisham Abbey one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

Various people for hundreds of years have reported seeing the ghost of Lady Hoby. She was a well-educated lady who wanted the same for her children so she would often give them lessons herself. Sadly for one of her boys who had trouble keeping up with his education, Lady Hoby had no patience & often became enraged with his inability to learn. She considered his “slowness” during lessons as a weakness & often lost her temper with him.

The story states that Lady Hoby is looking to repent as she feels responsible for the death of her son after mis-treating him after lessons in the Tower Room. Her ghost is usually spotted in the Great Hall where her portrait hangs or the Tower Room where the death of her son is reported to have happened. She has also been heard sobbing or seen washing her hands. Others have reported that the mist that forms around the exterior of the building at night starts to form the shape of a woman & that this is Lady Hoby’s ghost who then appears at the windows.

Have you seen Lady Hoby during a visit to Bisham Abbey? If so, please do let us know.


Bisham Abbey



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  1. Anonymous

    We were here for a tour with field hockey and we’re playing the junior national English field hockey team when we went to explore the abbey one night, we went to go inside but all the doors were shut and barricaded, so we went up to the door and saw all of the lights we’re out. Knowing the lights are motion activated we figured once we fitness inside the lights would turn on and we could look around but as we went to try and open the door a loud bang came from the other side of the door. We all screamed and ran, but no lights came on so it couldn’t have been and living thing that was moving. As we were running away something very cold and firm like a hand touched my shoulder almost pushing me away. I did not believe in ghost until before this encounter. There’s no other logical explanation.


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