Mystery Month – Sighting in Wendover Road, Bourne End.


Wendover Road

This story of a sighting in Wendover Road, happened in 1980 –

“My family lived in the white house at the top of Wendover Road, opposite Claytons school for 40+ years before Mum & Dad moved away earlier this year.  I moved away quite a few years ago now, but it was our family home and I grew up there.

Dad worked for Thames Water and my sister and I often played in the Thames Water pumping station grounds in school holidays. 

On one occasion, whilst playing hide & seek with my sister and our friends, I saw a ghost of a man on the south west corner of the 70s pumping building. This would have been around 1980.  He was a man dressed in a blue or green parka type jacket, approx. 35/40 years old. He was a kind soul (at least he didn’t scare me!) and just walked around the corner and was gone!”

This story was sent in by Mrs Smith who would love to know more. It would be interesting to find out if there have been other sightings in Wendover Road or if you have an idea on who the gentleman could be, please email

Wendover Road

Wendover Road


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