Mystery Month – Hedsor Road Haunting


Unexplainable pounding on the walls & windows

A local resident sent in this story of a ghost that usually caused a problem in East Ridge but had followed a friend to his house in Hedsor Road.

“A friend of mine lived in East Ridge for many years, he claimed he had a poltergeist & both his mother & sister confirmed this. He had first mentioned the ghost approx.10 years before but I hadn’t taken it seriously until one day I experienced what could only be described as weird.

We were college students at the time & that night my parents were out so my friend stayed the night. I lived in Hedsor Road and had never experienced any ghostly activity in my house at all & never again after this night.

After an hour or so of being home we heard slight dull drumming sounds coming from all around the house, my friend said “He’s here… I can sense it” (I was still not believing him at this point). The sound became louder it was as if someone was pounding the windows here and there all around the house, not hard but unexplainable as it was upstairs as well. Then the rooms became really cold & although you could not see your breath, it felt cold enough that you should.

I turned the fan heater on in my room on full but this made no difference to the room temperature. After a while it died down and things returned to normal, it was pretty scary. Since then, nothing else happened at my house ever again, he still says it goes on at his mother’s house in East Ridge but not so often now.

If you here of any other related stuff from that part of Bourne End, I’d love to know. My friend believes the activity is due to the area being built above Roman graves. ” 

If you have had a similar experience, please contact me at

Thanks, Kaye.