Mystery Month – Cyclist in Sheepridge Lane

Hit by a truck & left by the side of the road

The story goes……
In 1967 an elderly man was knocked off his bike by a truck in Sheepridge Lane. The truck, spotted by an eye-witness was heading towards Flackwell Heath & had just passed the Crooked Billet on it’s left.
The gentleman riding his bike fell & hit his head on the ground & passed away in hospital the following day. The truck didn’t stop & the driver was never found.

Drivers have often reported seeing the back of a figure of a man on a bicycle in their headlights as darkness falls.  The figure appears to be travelling in the direction of Flackwell Heath & is usually spotted a few hundred yards past the pub. As they get closer the figure seems to vanish. In 1975 after seeing the cyclist in his headlights, a man stopped his car to look around, thinking the man had fallen into the grass verge but of course, didn’t see anyone.

I haven’t been able to find any news clippings to support this, but perhaps it just didn’t make the news.  Sheepridge Lane is still dangerous today, with as many as 10 cars crashing in the last 12 months. Perhaps some drivers think they have seen a cyclist & try to overtake?

It’s sad to think that this elderly man is still trying to get home on his bike…. Do you know who this man is?  Have you seen him? I’d love to know if you have any ideas!