Mystery Month – Flackwell Heath Haunting

A lady who used to live in a flat in Oakwood, Flackwell Heath during 1990 has kindly sent in this story but wishes to stay anonymous.

When the council offered me a flat in Flackwell Heath, I felt both lucky & excited. When I moved in I was full of great ideas for decorating & got stated on the kids room. My 2 little boys often cried at night & usually ended up climbing into my bed. I suppose I thought it was due to all the changes & a new bedroom that unsettled them, but this did go on for weeks. My eldest son would follow me into each room saying “don’t leave me with him” (There was no one there) & he became quite anxious. My mother would often have the boys to stay on a weekend & she told me that they were very well-behaved. They always slept in their own beds & seemed quite happy. It was upsetting to see the difference in my boys after being back home for a while.

The flat always felt cold. After a few months I also started to feel anxious when at home but I had no idea why. As the months passed I started to notice shadows that moved around the room & things would often go missing only to appear in the most obvious place a few days later. I would swear blind that they were not there when I first looked.

I told a neighbour about the strange things that had happened & she suggested I had a ghost. As much as I didn’t want to accept this, I had no choice when I could hear voices coming from the bathroom when I was home alone. My children are grown up now & don’t remember much about that place but I think that’s a blessing really as I jump at the slightest thing since living there. I now live in Devon in a calm & peaceful house but often wonder if other people had the same experience in that flat.


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