Mystery Month – The Baby Grave

Who was the baby?

Who was the baby?


Thanks to Nyall who now lives in Australia, for sending this in. I have tried to find out more about the baby but no luck so far, so if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

The family home in Grange Drive was 300 years old & steeped in history. As a child, I experienced a few strange things although I always remained a sceptic. On one occasion, I witnessed a balsa wood aeroplane glide through the room & hit the window, the window broke & I was alone in the room.

Mum was always convinced the house was haunted. One day, I was helping Mum by passing straps for the electric blanket under the mattress. We felt a heavy weight on the bed for a few minutes & Mum swore she couldn’t get out from under the mattress until the weight lifted. No-one else was home.

Mum worked at Glory Mill & during a conversation with one of her colleagues realised that a square stone in our garden was actually a grave. This linked in with the story that the previous owners had told us, that many years ago a baby was born at the house but only survived for 10 minutes. In those days if a child wasn’t christened it couldn’t buried in the church graveyard, so the child was buried in the back garden.

The previous owner also mentioned that she would hear her piano being played by a ghost, although we have never heard this ourselves.