Fireworks & Your Pets



I hate this time of year, purely because I hate to see my little dog suffering when the fireworks begin. My usually verbal & confident little dog turns into a nervous wreck who shakes & pants the entire evening. I do take all the usual measures of turning the television up loud, closing the curtains etc. but he can hear them long before I even realise they have started going off. His hearing is too good!

Tonight we have some hope though. I called Hall Place Vets & they suggested Zylkene capsules to take once a day for the next 10 days which will hopefully calm him down. They don’t sedate your pet, just make him feel calmer & therefore less ditressed.  If you have the same problem, please do try these pills. For Vinnie’s size (Jack Russell x Shih Tzu – yes, a Jack Shit!), Zylkene costs just £6.68 for ten days which is not a huge cost to stop my little man suffering. (I would have paid much more!) They are suitable for cats too.

Zylkene contains a natural product derived from casein, a protein of milk which is known to promote relaxation in newborn cats & dogs.

According to the leaflet supplied with these pills, 61% of UK pet owners reported that their pets are scared of fireworks. These statistics are quite worrying when you consider that most homes have a pet. I know this is going to sound obvious, but try the following to help your pets cope.

  • Bring your pets inside before it gets dark.
  • Try not to leave them by themselves.
  • Don’t react to fireworks yourself.
  • Build them a den / hiding place & position it in a place that you know they will go. For example, if they normally hide behind the sofa, put it there. For cats, they may prefer to be high up.
  • Keep curtains closed.
  • Keep music or the TV on to soften the noise from outside.
  • Make sure they have an ID tag or they are chipped incase they escape & run away in a panic.
  • Walk your dog during the daylight.
  • If they have a crate, cover it with a blanket but allow them access in & out. Don’t force them to stay anywhere they are not comfortable.
  • Do NOT punish or get angry with your pet, even if they mess in the house as this will make them feel much worse.

I putting a lot of faith in this product & will let you know how Vinnie gets on. Meanwhile, be kind to your pets over the firework season!




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