Marlow Bridge is to re-open

Marlow Bridge could be closed for 'up to six months'

Marlow Bridge is set to reopen for the first time since September – weather permitting.

According to Buckinghamshire County Council, the bridge should be back in action by Friday, November 24, so long as ‘prolonged rain or freezing conditions’ in the meantime does not delay repair and clean-up work.

It has been shut to traffic since Saturday, September 24, when a lorry more than 10 times the weight limit attempted to cross.

Cllr Richard Scott, of Buckinghamshire County Council, said: “It’s excellent news that the bridge is to reopen.

“I’ve been working with the town council to help businesses affected and I think it’s important for the town’s retailers that the reopening comes at a busy time of year.

“Hopefully this will help their trade, which for some has been well down.”

as reported in The Maidenhead Advertiser by James Harrison


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