BECCMARK April Newsletter

BECCMARK April Newsletter from Alison Smith

By the time you are reading this, we will have changed the clocks and the evenings will be lighter, spring flowers are making a welcome appearance and I’ve just spotted a large bumble bee and colourful butterfly in my garden.

Normally in our household, saying goodbye to winter means the family depending on us for lunch or dinner (or both) and for such events I like to look for different foods. Generally, I have to look no further than the Community Market.

Rosie O’Hagan, (one of the co-founders of BECCMARK) runs her own business, Mange Tout Ltd, which offers a wide range of sweet and savoury bakes and fudges.  As well as regular products, Rosie specialises in GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, VEGETARIAN and SUGAR FREE options, including quiches, sausage rolls, cakes, crumbles, biscuits and, of course, umpteen varieties of fudge.  There are always samples to try and, between markets, look out for Rosie’s Munch Bunch products at Castleman’s and Emmett’s Farm Shop and at Perky’s Coffee House on the Green in Wooburn.

On Rosie’s stall, there is also a variety of free range meats, – just right for Sunday Lunches.  Artisan Breads and pastries are supplied by Rex Bakery from the Chalfonts.  Contact details for special orders: or mobile 07989716635

Another person who sells food at the Market is Owen, our Cheese man. Owen is on an ever-changing quest to find cheeses from all over the British Isles.  All are Artisan cheeses coming from small producers, so you won’t find them in supermarkets.  Regular cheeses are Westcombe Traditional Cheddar, Dorset Blue Vinney n- a Dorset Red (properly smoked), a local sheep’s milk cheese called Hard Spenmore, and Wigmore soft Brie.  I can recommend the Sage Derby, which makes a brilliant cheese sauce for fish.  There is a Traditional English Caerphilly, still in its natural crust, which was once sold to the Welsh miners for generations and, today, is more likely found in top London restaurants than in a miner’s lunchbox!  Owen is happy to take orders for parties and for Cheese cakes for weddings. I can’t think of a better way to end a meal.

OK, enough of food. I’m on a diet and writing this article is making me hungry, so I am going to turn my attention to a non-food crafter.

Julia Wooster, the other co-founder of BECCMARK, works alongside Rosie to ensure the Market runs smoothly every month. In addition to this, she makes beautifull hand-made jewellery in beaded and chainmaille designs.

Julia started making her jewellery as a hobby in 2008 and soon had so many designs and inspirations that the hobby soon grew into a business, so started Blue Cat Jewellery – named after her gorgeous British Blue Cat.  Julia’s passion for making beautiful items comes from using the best quality materials.  “I love the feel, colour and gleam of the materials that I work with and I think this comes across in my designs and in quality of jewellery I produce.”  She works in Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and much more. Julia also makes chainmaille, which isn’t restricted to hauberks (that’s chainmaille shirts to us!)  There are hundreds of designs and items that can be produced and they are becoming very popular with Women, Men and teenagers. Nevertheless, you won’t see these designs on the High Street.


Julia will take orders if you want something specifically made and she also has an online shop at

Well, the next thing you know it will be Easter, so, HAPPY EASTER to you all and, hopefully, we will see you at the next BECCMARK on 8th April in the Bourne End Library.

Alison Smith

Crafter at BECCMARK


8TH April, 13th May, 10th June

For information visit www.BECCMARK.CO.UK or call 07989716635 or email



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