Read Peter Hoare’s Chanak Food Review, you’ll be booking a table asap!

So this week we gained a Turkish restaurant in Bourne End & there has been quite a buzz about going in to sample the food. With this in mind Peter Hoare has written this great review of his visit with some great photos to support his experience. Thankyou Peter for sharing your review.

Just been to Chanak, so as requested, here is a little review.
We arrived at 7pm, and there were already a few tables filled. By the time we left, there were probably 10-15 busy tables and people coming and going, and people coming for takeaway.
We ordered a starter platter, which consisted of that nice warm fluffy turkish flatbread, and various humus and dips, all really good.
For the mains, we played it safe, not being overly familiar with turkish cuisine, so we went with mixed kebabs and a mushroom side.
The plates arrived, very neatly presented, three types of meat, with rice and salad. The meat was amazing. I’m a bit of a connoisseur on BBQ’d meat, it’s a big hobby of mine, and this stuff was really well cooked. Our plates had chicken, lamb and a lamb adana, which is something I have cooked myself before (they did it much better of course).
The portions were great, and a lot of meat on the plate. The salad was also great, it had some vinegary dressing on that really suited the rest of the meal.
We were offered desert, but we had no room, so politely declined, but I took a photo of the men if you want to see.
The bill came to £120 for four of us, so 30 quid each plus a few quid each for a tip. I don’t think this is unreasonable, and is on par with a decent curry or similar. Also keep in mind that the meals contained a LOT of meat, and meat is obviously an expensive ingredient.
The staff were great, very attentive, very polite. At one point, I accidentally dropped my knife but it was picked up and replaced within seconds.
All in all, it was great, especially considering it’s only been open a few days. I will most certainly be back, and my three friends I went with agreed. It’s an asset to the village.