Please take the time to write your objections!!! – “Save Slate Meadow” Needs Your Help Urgently


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We will lose all this wildlife 😦

I must admit I have left it a little late myself thinking I would find it too confusing & that I wouldn’t know what to write to sound like I was making an “intelligent” objection. But I decided anything is better than nothing… yes i did ramble on but hey, can’t do any harm!

To make it easier, write your objection via the public access – follow these options as I went round in circles to start with trying to find the right page to make my objection πŸ™‚

The details are filled in for you so you just need to write a reason for your objection, so please give it a go!
~ Go toΒ  Wycombe District Council – Planning and building control – Planning applications – Public Access (hope this helps & it’s not too late).


Wonderful Photo by Nathan Stone



  1. Adam Sharam

    Hi Kay, With respect to Slate meadow you may or may not wish to add this link to your article, it’s a link to the slate meadow video that I produced some couple of years ago, shows some really nice scenery of that area. Might be worth mentioning the e petition link is how ever on this video is now closed some time ago.

    Best regards

    Adam Sharam


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  2. Joanne Cable

    Apart from destroying the beautiful area theTraffic is horrendous and additional housing causes additional cars.

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    We are running out of time to save our beautiful Slate Meadow

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  4. Ody

    Having been born in Bourne End in 1938, the fourth generation of our family to have lived here since the mid 19 Century, personal views may count a little.
    We have witnessed the seemingly inexorable devouring of our countryside. Slate Meadow is the latest (not the last) attempt to ride, rough shod, over the wishes of the local people.
    Councillors past have kept a tight rein over such past moves. Today’s local government have decided, almost Pontius Pilate like, to wash their hands of their responsibility to reflect strongly held local views. Why? Why do they not oppose, in a determined manner, that which is not the will of the people? What do they gain through silence?
    Local infrastructure cannot sustain more building on this scale. Local countryside, once lost, is gone for evermore.
    Local government should do their duty and cease pandering to the ploys, pleas and desires of large building companies. Or are the rewards too attractive?
    Within future years, they will seek our votes. Will such rewards prove more attractive?

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