Please take the time to write your objections!!! – “Save Slate Meadow” Needs Your Help Urgently

We are running out of time to save our beautiful Slate Meadow

The Bucks Village Journal


🐞 🦆☘️ 🦋 🦇 🐦 🍄 🐝🦊 🐸 🦉 🕷 🐇 🐌 🦎 🕊 🌳 🌞 🦗 🐐 🐡 🐝 🐍 🍂 🦔 🦉 🌻🐰 🐭🌿 🌸 🦌🐎

We will lose all this wildlife 😦

I must admit I have left it a little late myself thinking I would find it too confusing & that I wouldn’t know what to write to sound like I was making an “intelligent” objection. But I decided anything is better than nothing… yes i did ramble on but hey, can’t do any harm!

To make it easier, write your objection via the public access – follow these options as I went round in circles to start with trying to find the right page to make my objection 🙂

The details are filled in for you so you just need to write a reason for your objection, so please give…

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  1. Donna carr

    Slate meadow is a beautiful place full of all kinds of wildlife and to which are becoming extinct bees hedgehogs all kinds owls such a shame to loose it after they have been breeding for years on there kids love it I live seeing it and so do hundreds of people don’t ruin it I’d prefer nature and wildlife to houses

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