Bekonscot Model Village & Railway


I think most of us at one time have been to the magical land known to us as Bekonscot Model Village, I know I went as a child & took my daughter there in the 80’s.

It was established in 1928 after Roland Callingham had been told by his wife that the train set had to go! It’s funny how Mrs. Callingham had no idea at the time how much she would change our childhoods. Mr Callingham had it moved outside & the rest is history!

The following description of the early years has been taken from the official Bekonscot Village website. The underlined wording will take you to the website for more details.

During the early years, a small 2ft gauge railway was built using second-hand equipment around the site. The track and tipper wagons are thought to have come from the contractors who built the Great Central Railway through Beaconsfield and sold the construction machinery in High Wycombe circa 1908. The narrow gauge railway was used to move spoil around Bekonscot during construction, and later to move plants and ice creams around to serve tourists. These were later rediscovered when we dug them up by mistake in 2001 when extending the Bekonscot Light Railway! You can now see all three scattered around the Bekonscot site on display. These are thought to be built by Hudsons.  Bekonscot has been through many changes in it’s history, the biggest came in 1992 when Bekonscot went from being kept up to date, with all of the latest cars, trains and planes to being reversed back to a 1930’s time warp. The village has remained like this ever since, with new and refurbished buildings always appearing in the village.


Having delighted children young & old for many years, Bekonscot remains a popular attraction for every generation. Apart from the houses & trains there is an aerodrome, port, coal mine & fairground. There is also a picnic area, a playground & remote controlled boats.


If you fancy a visit the opening times for this year are:

10am-5.30pm. every day from 14 February to 1 November


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    Kaye great place to visit Brad

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