Kaye Townsend

Some of you probably wonder who I am, if so,  the following explains a little about my years in Bourne End.


I had a happy childhood growing up with my brother Mark at 2, Willows Road in Cores End resulting in many happy memories of a life growing up in Bourne End. The Townsend family history goes back many years & most of you will know my Uncle Ken, who seems to know everything about the past in Bourne End & Wooburn. He has given many talks at the Community Centre along with a display of his huge collection of old postcards & photos which he has collected for years.

I have lovely memories of time spent with Uncle Ken & Auntie Doreen & my cousins. Now, Karen lives in Wooburn, Neil is in Bourne End & Martin is living America.

My Dad, Ray Townsend grew up with his 2 brothers, Ken & Brian in Dad in carChalklands where my grandparents bought a house from new in the late 30’s moving from Sunnydale in Wycombe Lane after my Dad was born in 1936.

As a child I remember staying with them at weekends. I have fond memories of that house, granddad taking me for walks to collect conkers, the smell of bacon wafting up the stairs on a Sunday morning & the back garden, full of fruit trees, vegetable patch, a pond & chickens. Going back even further, Townsend’s Boathouses once stood where the houses at the marina are today, hence the name Townsend’s Reach.

Moving forward to my childhood, I attended Old Claytons, New Claytons & 74085_469948319776126_1775617149_nDeyncourt. My brother Mark, attended Westfield, New Claytons & then went to private school, Claire’s Court in Maidenhead. My Dad had trained in the RAF & then worked for BEA which later became BA for many years until he retired. This gave us access to some wonderful family holidays around the world during my younger years. Mum had a coffee shop in Oakfield Road which had previously been a grocery store & then went on to be the Chinese take-away. Sadly, my lovely Dad passed away in 2000, aged me Girl Guides63.

I had lots of lovely friends & together we explored the area. Places like the old farmhouse by the river at Spade Oak, the old railway line, Jackson’s Mill, Big hill, the Chicken Field & Abbotsbrook, the list goes on & on. The area was a huge adventure for us, looking back it resembled something out of an Enid Blyton book!

At the age of 15 I started “going out” with Mark Russell, another Bourne Ender. We were together for over 7 years, my first serious relationship. Some of you may be aware that we lost him in January after a short illness.

When I left school, I went to work for Nat West Bank in Maidenhead,   followed by Nationwide Building Society but my creative side was feeling smothered. In 1982 Mark & I had our daughter, Hayley (she is now 32) & I worked on & off as a credit controller for many years… I hated it, so after going back to college, I qualified as a Psychotherapist in 2008

In 1988 I had my son, Jake who is now 27. He is currently re-training to become an aircraft engineer just like my Dad & Mark.

Mark & I are very close even though he is currently living & working in Dubai. 1238388_582325311871759_5891377194555978918_nHe is still in the aircraft industry & hopes to retire to his house in Spain very soon.

In more recent years I have had an Agony Aunt column in the Bucks Free Press, work as a psychotherapist & enjoy inventing new ways via the internet to improve our online community. I suffer with Fibromyalgia (so I started a group of course!) which limits me & live a quiet life in Blind Lane with my 2 dogs, I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful village.

I hope you find this new website both interesting & useful, thank you so much for all your support,

Kaye, x






  1. Jo Dagless

    Lovely memories Kaye, thank you for all your work online keeping the community that is Bourne End and Wooburn alive and kicking.


    1. Thank you Jo, nice to get some feedback.


  2. Hello Kaye. I’ve just read your item on Edgar Wallace and Chalklands with great interest as members of the Meek family (my family) worked for Edgar Wallace in Blind Lane, housework, driving, horses etc. We lived next door but one to the Townsend family so remember them well. I left Chalklands in 1967 when I got married but still visit regularly as my brother and sister in law live there. Still see Ken at the BE meetings, and well remember your Dad Ray who always had stories to tell of his Rock’n Roll days and the group he was in! He made many a heart beat faster!
    Just had to write this after reading your Edgar Wallace piece – hope you don’t mind.

    Gill Hoare


    1. Thanks for your message Gill, so nice to hear from people who remember my Dad with such fond memories. It’s interesting to hear your family worked for Edgar Wallace too… love reading about families who are part of our rich history. I have a feeling I met you & your husband in Little Marlow Cemetery back in the summer, thanks again, Kaye, x


  3. Thanks for your reply. I think who you saw in Little Marlow Cemetery was my brother Ken and his wife Gill who lost their son in 2006. They live on Chalklands next door to the Townsend family home. We meet in Costa Coffee twice a week! One little story you might enjoy – when Ray was quite little he used to knock for my Dad to go out and play football with him in the road! Dad didn’t enjoy it of course!!! All much before my time! Gill


    1. Yes, that’s right, I remember the gentleman mentioning his son. Please say hello to them next time you meet. 🙂 Oh, what a lovely thought, my Dad as a little boy! Kaye, x


  4. Terry Smith.

    Thanks for your Great Insight of Early Bourne End.I remember serving you and your Family in Cliftons Toy Shop,all those years ago-Great Times.
    Terry Smith.


    1. Hi Terry…. I remember you very clearly, always a smile. Hope life is treating you well, Kaye.


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