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BECCMARK Newsletter January 2018

BECCMARK Newsletter

Hello from the BECCMARK team. Well, the first month of the year has now gone and we look forward to February. Although this can be another cold month there is hope on the horizon of better things to come. The bulbs in the garden are coming through at an alarming rate and we have a few things to look forward to. Firstly there is Shove Tuesday (13th). Pancakes traditionally eaten on this day normally make a change from the diet food that we have all put ourselves on in January! Although normally eaten with lemon and sugar you can also make them savoury with a lovely cheese sauce and if you want something special Owen will have just the cheese for you. Of course our food stall holders can provide free range eggs either from Rosie or Karen and if you would prefer to keep them sweet also jams from Karen or Jan and Jean.

Following hot on the foot is Valentine’s Day. This is where the rest of our stall holders come in with beautiful cards and something special for the lady/man in your life. Better than a box of chocolates (the diet must go on after pancakes!).

Although not until March the 11th, Mothering Sunday is also on the horizon and I have always thought a present that has been carefully thought about is true to the day. We have such a diverse amount of gift ideas and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


BECCMARK will be at the Bourne End Library on the following dates during 2018 :-

February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
June 9th
July 14th
August 11th
September 8th
October 13th
November 10th
December 8th

For further information please visit http://www.beccmark.co.uk or call 07989716635 or emailrosiehagan@me.com. You will also find us on Facebook.





BECCMARK November Newsletter

Greetings to you all from the BECCMARK team. Since I last spoke to you we have changed the clocks and gone into Winter mode! The beginning of Winter never seems to bother me too much as there is Bonfire night and of course Christmas. It’s by January I’ve had enough of it!

Too keep us all sane during these months most of us at BECCMARK are busy crafting. One such person is Chris Brocklebank. Chris makes items to keep us warm, dry and snug in winter, and here is what she is all about in her words:

This is the fourth year I will have had a stall at BECCMARK and I hope it will not be my last. I started knitting as a small girl; I can remember sitting next to my gran with these massive, wooden knitting needles and brown wool as she tried to teach me to knit. I in time taught myself to crochet and by the time I was 11 years old, I was crocheting table cloths and mats using silk, and later on baby clothes for my daughter.

I then decided to change craft and started making embroidery and tapestry and now coming full circle, have started knitting again and have been for around six years. I now hand-knit hats, scarves and snoods in chunky yarns which are marble, glittery or both, and dress scarves in ladder yarn, perfect to wear during the Christmas season. Every item is unique. There are a few designs of hats that I create, suiting various tastes, similarly with the choice of snoods or scarves. The scarves are long enough to wear any which way you choose and the soft yarn is lovely to snuggle into on those cold wintry days and the snoods are big enough to go over the head and still sit inside your coat. Colours vary from white, cream, earth tones, pastels and jewel and there will be something to suit everyone.


Another lady who is with us every month is Sally, who is our Avon lady.
Avon has become very well established beauty product in Britain over many years and Sally has been an Avon representative for over 32 years.
The Avon product has evolved greatly over these years and now sells a huge amount of products from clothing of all types, kitchen accessories, children’s toys as well as the vast arrange of beauty products and toiletries that it is more known for and much more.

   Sally always has products to sell on the day of the BECCMARK sale at heavy reduced prices, and of course, can always take orders. She is a very popular lady, not just with our other crafters, but with customers. If you, like a lot of people, think of Avon as just lipstick and perfume, then think again.
The range of gifts she has for Christmas is amazing, from stocking fillers to larger items, which are of a very high standard, different from the normal on the high street and in most cases a lot cheaper than the high street, and that’s got to be a good thing! Sally has brochures which you can take away and look at in the comfort if your home, take orders and (as long as you’re not too far away) will deliver them to you. Come along and see what she has to offer, I think you may be surprised!

As this seems to be an all-girl affair this month I better mention one of our male crafters! Jon Lawrence is new to us at BECCMARK and we feel very privileged to have just a talented gentleman among us. Elements Craft Project is a Buckinghamshire based workshop created and led by the award-winning craftsman Jon Lawrence.

Jon has been developing his skills for over 20 years. Formally trained in cabinet making he has won international acclaim for his design and artistic quality, earning a silver medal at the international woodworking and turning exhibition.

His love for design and materials stems from his training as an engineer. Jon believes that “there is beauty in functional forms that can appear industrial at first glance”. He also has a keen eye for details of shape and form inside a piece of wood, which he says are, “waiting to be revealed”.

Jon has worked on a variety of commissions ranging from furniture, display cabinets, trophies, turned items, musical instruments, jewellery boxes and much more. So if you are looking for something bespoke and just a little bit special for a loved one this Christmas, Jon may have the answer. (email :-elementsbyjon@btinternet.com or mobile no. 07470407050).


Well that’s it for this month. Next time I will be talking to you we will be coming up to the last bit of the Christmas rush. Sounds silly really as I write this today has been 20 deg outside!

So in the meantime take care and we all look forward to seeing you at our next BECCMARK on the 11th NOVEMBER at 10 am at Bourne End Library.


11th November and 9th December

For information please visit:- http://www.BECCMARK .co.uk or call 07989716635 or email:-rosiehagan@me.com . You will also find us on Facebook.

BECCMARK October Newsletter

Hello everyone. Hope this newsletter finds you all well. October is now here and we have to face a few facts. The nights are now closing in and we change the clocks on the last weekend of the month. (for those of you who get confused we gain an hour so clocks go 1 hour back). Good news is we gain an hour in bed, bad news winter approaches!

But this becomes a busy time of the year. Starting with Halloween. Even though it’s not been greatly celebrated in this country, it seems to be increasing in popularity. Personally I can’t get my head round Halloween, but this doesn’t mean I and my fellow crafters ignore this event. There is always a few witches, black cats and pumpkins about!

Even though it is, of course, in November, I always feel Bonfire night seems to latch on to the end of October. Probably more to do with the late afternoon, early evening daylight totally disappearing! Now this one I do like, as it celebrates part of our great British history, – or is it because I love toffee apples – probably!!

One thing we all start doing is getting ready for Christmas. Sorry I had to mention it! Christmas seems to start extremely early in the shops these days but most of us at BECCMARK only start bringing our Christmas stock out in October, with normally the full whack in November. I think most of us feel it’s better to do this as by December we are all fed up with all that Christmas brings, and that would be a great shame.


Of course the weather turns colder and we all turn to woolly jumpers, socks, gloves and other such items to keep us dry and warm. Which leads me into introducing one of our crafters. Mabel knits all manner of such items as well as baby items to keep the tiny ones warm. This lady can even put her claim to fame when she was approached by a media company to do some knitted booties to become a prop in the last series of Endeavour. She’s never let us forget this ever since!! Her stall is one of the most colourful the quality of her knitting and crochet is impeccable. Even her delightful knit wear goes to the USA and Australia to name but a few. So if you’re in need of a warm woolly hat, gloves, scarf and other such items she is the lady to see.


One of the other knitters in our collection is me. It was my Mother who was my inspiration. She had an amazing amount of skills? She was a brilliant cook, gardener and needle worker. Her self efficient skills would make Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall look like an amateur! If I had half her skills I would be a happy woman. So when I gave up work to look after my late parents I decided to turn to cross stitch for a hobby and then to knitting as well. I’m happy to say that both my parents saw some of my achievements and thought they were – in their words – amazing. So when they passed away I decided to turn my skills into a small business. I now focus on knitted toys and cross stitch greetings cards. Toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours and if customers want something more personal then I can make them to order. The same goes for the cross stitched cards. So with Christmas just around the corner come along and see if I have something different for your Christmas shopping. Just remember, I was knitting Santa in June when it was 25 degrees outside!!

Well I must go and get those needles clicking so until next time keep well and safe and hopefully we will see you all at the next BECCMARK .

FORTHCOMING EVENTS:- at the Bourne End Library

October 14th, November 11th and December 9th

For information please visit:- http://www.BECCMARK .co.uk or call 07989716635 or email rosiehagan@me.comyou will also find us on Facebook

August Newsletter from BECCMARK

Greeting to all from the BECCMARK team. Hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying, what has been so far, a glorious summer.

The summer months are just as busy as the Christmas months for us as we take our stalls to various summer fates to promote BECCMARK and what we do.

One of our stalls is with us every month. The tombola stall has donations from the stall holders at the fair every month, and is looked after by The Academy in Bourne End.The money raised goes to the chosen charity of the month. These charities are generally local ones or national ones but aimed at local branches. Some of the charities who have received monies raised are Orla’s Own Steps, Bourne End Day Centre, MS Society, Headway South Bucks And Riding for the Disabled Association. Since BECCMARK started it has raised well £2500 to £3000. This is, I think, an amazing amount since we are a small fair – although we are growing at a quick pace. If you have a charity that is special to you and you would like to see some money raised for it, please email Rosie O’Hagan at the address below. Or pop in and see us at the next fair.

Another of our stall holders, and I have got to say here that she is a great friend of mine, is Karen M’Nicol. Karen and I have known each other for near on thirty years know. Our children grew up together. We share a stall and she sells mostly items to do with paper. K’s Crafty Products started out as a simple hobby 3 years ago. Up-cycling items at home purely for fun and enjoyment. It has now developed into a small craft business making lots of pretty home items.

These include decoupaged picture frames, boxes, bangles and many other items which are decorated with cut out paper and glued to the item. The paper can be cut from many paper designs, including magazines, decoupage paper, napkins or wrapping paper. Karen prefers to use magazines and spends hours looking for contrasting colours and themes for certain items.

Recently she had also made fairy jars and doors to bring a little magic into customers homes.

Karen has also started doing origami flowers arrangements which have become very popular. These can be made to order in the colours of your choice, as can all the other items she makes.

Karen will be at the next fair in August, but if you wish to contact her her details are as follows:- email karen_mcnicol@hotmail.com

Well the next time I will be talking to you we will being looking forward to Autumn and all it has to offer. In the meantime I wish you all well and hope you enjoy the later part of Summer.

Ali Smith

FORTHCOMING EVENTS:- at The Bourne End Library

August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, December 9th

For information please visit http://www.BECCMARK.co.uk or call 07989716635 or email rosiehagan@me.com. You will also find us on Facebook.


BECCMARK Newsletter

BECCMARK June newsletter by Alison Smith

Hi everyone. So here we are half way through the year June already. Although I must confess that of course I am writing this to you in the month of May, the 3rd to be exact and if you step outside you would probably think it to be more like the 3rd of November – Hopefully June will be warmer – a lot Warmer!

One country that has more than it’s fair share of sunshine is Africa, which neatly brings me to introduce you to one of our stall holders. Carol Whitehead has the most amazing stall selling products from Africa. I asked her about her stall and this is what she said:- “Bourne End has been my home for 35 years along with my late husband, children and grandchildren. For many years I worked as a senior career for social services. To relax, I enjoy gardening, cooking and especially jewellery making and crafts.

It was in my homeland of Kenya in East Africa, as a child, that I learnt from my grandma and then later became qualified in the intricate craft of Masai bead making as well as basketry. My brightly coloured baskets are made entirely from natural materials – sisal plants and leather – and using dyes from roots and leaves. I taught many women and children from the poorer villages so that they too could make a living selling what they made to shops and tourists. The proceeds invariably help pay the all important school fees – state education is not free as is it in the UK – as well as daily food and clothing needs.

These days I also make jewellery using precious and semi-precious stones including jade, malachite, sapphire, amethyst, mother of pearl and abalone shells. The pieces are something you will treasure for many years especially since these stones are becoming rarer due to overdevelopment and climatic change. I joined Bourne End Community & Craft Market, in the library three years ago and very much enjoy the friendly atmosphere and talking to people with similar interests. Whether you are on the lookout for a genuine hand-made gift or just enjoy a mooch around, come along to see me at our next fair.”

Africa makes me also think of safari and the wild animals there. We have our own set of wild animals and domestic ones at BECCMARK. Of course not real but in felt form.

Sally Boyce is the very cleaver lady who make these animals. She started doing crafts whilst at home looking after her young son. She was then asked to make items for her Mum’s craft stall and that’s when it all evolved and her craft experience began. Sally has tried her hand at many crafts from latch hook to sewing, eventually doing some felt dogs and cats that became very popular. Now she practically has nearly every animal you could think of on her stall and it’s a grand display. They make brilliant presents for all sort of occasions.   


As I write this newsletter, I find I have my three cats standing around the fireplace. No they are not waiting for the fire to be lit but for the mouse that has made its way in and has found itself trapped in the hearth with three set of beady eyes looking at it. So before total carnage takes place, I will finish and wish you all well and let’s hope for a warm and enjoyable June. Ok now to retrieve a mouse!

Alison Smith – Crafter

Upcoming dates:-

June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th and December 9th.

 For information visit http://www.BECCMARK.co.uk or call 07989716635 or email rosiehagan@me.com


BECCMARK Monthly Report

Each month we will have an updated report from BECCMARK & to start us off we have a little background information from  Alison Smith.

BECCMARK March Report


BECCMARK (which stands for Bourne End Community and Craft Market) was started 6years ago by its co-founders Rosie O’Hagan and Julia Wooster. Their idea was to bring good quality artisan products in the form of Food and Arts and Crafts as well as other small local businesses to the community.

At the same time, by having the Market in the local library in Wakeman Road, they were supporting the funding of the Library which was, at the time, under the threat of closure.  They also wanted to support local charities, which, to date, have benefitted from well over £3000, by having a tombola where the stall holders donate items from their various tables.

The Market takes place in the public room at Bourne End Library (Wakeman Road, SL8 5SX) every second Saturday of the month and has grown considerably over the years and we now have 40 regular stall holders and also one-off stalls offering all sorts of wonderful food and crafts as well as garden produce, health, beauty and fitness specialists for the family as well as items for our beloved pets. I truly believe that you could come in and get most of the weekend shop with us! You can buy your Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner for entertaining with the choice of excellent cheeses for that all-important cheese board, lovely jams, marmalade and honey for that lazy Sunday morning breakfast, meat for your Sunday dinner. You could get that birthday present and card that you have been meaning to get, buy the plants for your garden……..and the list goes on.

So each month I will be bringing you news introducing you to the producers and crafters that bring us these wonderful products, starting with the one thing we all love FOOD. I will be introducing them to you and the products they sell.

So, if you like home-baked produce (always samples available), hand made unique jewellery, cards, embroidered, felted and knitted goods, crafts, bags and freshly brewed coffee and tea, pop along and see us at BECCMARK, for a fun and inspiring morning out. Our next fair is on Saturday March 11th starting at 10am until 1pm.

I look forward to seeing you there

Alison Smith  (BECCMARK Crafter)

beccmark-cakes  beccmark-jewellery

Upcoming Dates

11th March, 8th April, 113th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September, 14th October, 11th November and 9th December.

For information, visit http://www.BECCMARK.co.uk or call 07989 716635 or email rosieohagan@me.com   

or go to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BourneEndCommunityCraftMarket/