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Facebook Group ~ Bucks Rocks

I became aware today of a Facebook Group called Bucks Rocks. I had been painting rocks to brighten my garden but after sharing Caitlin’s story, “Caitlin Rocks” & joining this group combined with seeing local photos of Nickartstherapy rocks, I think I will start hiding them.

Bucks Rocks describe them as kindness rocks & people seem to be having a lot of fun both painting & hiding rocks, & finding them. It is a very therapeutic hobby & a great way to entertain the kids too. I hope to get my granddaughters involved with painting, hiding & finding.

Let me know if you find any by sending a photo in to bucksvillagejournal@btinternet.com ~ Happy hunting!


Caitlin Rocks


At first glance you may just think “what pretty painted rocks”!….. but please take time to read Caitlin’s story behind these beautiful painted pebbles & why you may come across one.

On Caitlin’s “Just Giving” page you can read about her condition & why she is trying to raise funds for her chosen charity. Please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/caitlin-rocks

Thank you.