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This is a great idea…


Bourne End Rox – A new Bourne End group for local Children

Pebble & rock painting is becoming a popular way to tap into your kids creative talents as well as getting them outside to hide & hunt for other painted rocks. The idea is so simple & couldn’t be a cheaper way to entertain the children…. & adults enjoy getting in on the act too. Various groups have popped up on Facebook but we now have our own Bourne End group, Bourne End Rox. The group has been set up by local children Leon & Summer, under the supervision of their Mum Kelly & are will be hiding their first batch of wonderful painted rocks today. Keep an eye out for them, it’s such a lovely simple idea… to make you smile.

The Facebook page has the following description so you know what to do…..

Good morning everyone ☺️ my lovely Children Leon and Summer decided that they wanted to create Bourne End’s very own rock finding page ‘Bourne End Rox’ so during the wet weather of the Easter holidays we have been painting pebbles from the Riverside to hide around Bourne End and make people smile. When you find one of ‘Bourne End Rox’ can you please post a picture on here for me to show Leon and Summer and then re-hide it for someone else to find 🤗 we will be hiding a batch today and will continue to make regular Rock drops. Keep your eyes open!

Have fun & perhaps send a few pictures in for the Bucks Village Journal to show, have fun!


Howland Tutors

If you are thinking about a private tutor for your child in the new year, then speak to Andy at Howland Tutors. They have a detailed website with the information you need to give your child that little extra help which could make all the difference.


Is it a Trick or a Treat?

Be careful what you ask for...

Is it a trick or a treat?

With Halloween fast approaching, please keep mindful of people who are unable to participate. Some elderly & disabled people worry about this night for weeks & It can be quite intimidating for some. The fact that they can’t keep getting up to answer the door or perhaps are even in bed means that children knocking on their front door is not just a nuisance but it’s also very unfair. T

here are also many professions that require people to do shift work & would therefore be sleeping, people who just cannot afford to buy sweets for children they don’t know for fear of being “tricked” or those who just do not agree with “Trick or Treating” seeing it as just a way for companies to make money. Whatever the reason, they deserve to be left in peace. After all, you wouldn’t encourage your children to take anything from a stranger at any other time of year.

Not everyone wants to celebrate Halloween so perhaps by taking note if the house is decorated with spooky items would be wise.

On the flip side, although children love Halloween & all that goes with it, I’m not sure that I would want my children taking sweets from strangers. You don’t know what has been dropped into their bags or buckets & they may eat things before you have had a chance to check it all. The “Trick” could be played on you! There are however, some neighbours who will enjoy the visits but I’m sure they will be the ones with decorations in the window.

Halloween parties are definitely the way forward, organised events where you know what you child is eating & neighbours who will still be speaking to you!

Too many strange people watching our homes…

I’ve noticed that there has been ever increasing reports, posts & warnings regarding strange people checking out our homes. Today it has been reported that 5 dogs went missing last night from a farm in Marlow & a black car has been parked up & watching people & their homes in Stratford drive.

I just wanted to make you all aware that these things really are going on in our neighNWbourhood. If you notice anything odd then please report it to the police &  keep your homes, children & pets safe.

Although many cars park outside my house to go to the park, I will still be checking people out to see why they are there… so, if you notice me looking at you when you pull up, I’m not being awkward or nosey, just careful & I urge you all to do the same.

Thanks Kaye, x