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Look Back In Time -Now & Then ~ Part 3

Here we go with part 3!

Royalty Cinema opened in 1934 compared to 7th May 2018


The Parade in Bourne End in 1920’s compared to 8th May 2018


Hedsor Road, just up from the Garibaldi pub compared to 10th May 2018


Hedsor Road 1910 compared to 10th May 2018


The Parade in Bourne End in 1980’s compared to 8th May 2018




Name Change for The Village Journal – The Bucks Village Journal

After some thought I have decided to change the name to The Bucks Village Journal, meaning that we have a wider audience by covering South Bucks. I hope that this will help with more interesting content for the website. Read more…

Bourne End Community Centre Website

This is a must! Go to http://www.bourneendcommunitycentre.org.uk & you will be able to take a look at 4 issues of Target magazine from 1966. See which shops,  garages, builders & more, were advertising back then. Perhaps you attended some of the events advertised or you remember the various family names mentioned.  I know it made me smile to see some of the adverts like Gaylors Garage, Clifford’s Dairies, Arthur Shortland Ltd, Launderama & Billinghurst & Sons Ltd. amongst many more. We even had 4 local Police Stations to call if needed. If you love local history, then this will keep you busy for hours.


Mystery Month – Apparition Sighting in Wendover Road, Bourne End.

As we approach Halloween, why not take a look at some of our previous local ghost stories which can be found under “Articles of Local Interest”.

Mystery Month – Sighting in Wendover Road, Bourne End.

Wendover Road

The Bucks Village Journal

DSC_0005-001 Wendover Road

This story of a sighting in Wendover Road, happened in 1980 –

“My family lived in the white house at the top of Wendover Road, opposite Claytons school for 40+ years before Mum & Dad moved away earlier this year.  I moved away quite a few years ago now, but it was our family home and I grew up there.

Dad worked for Thames Water and my sister and I often played in the Thames Water pumping station grounds in school holidays. 

On one occasion, whilst playing hide & seek with my sister and our friends, I saw a ghost of a man on the south west corner of the 70s pumping building. This would have been around 1980.  He was a man dressed in a blue or green parka type jacket, approx. 35/40 years old. He was a kind soul (at least he didn’t scare me!) and just walked…

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Please spread the word!

With the possibility of a new local history group, Roger needs to hear from more people who may be interested before going ahead. Please let your friends & family now & get in touch on the email address below. Thanks.


Centre Talks – Ken Townsend “From Spade Oak to Cookham Bridge”


Upper Thames Sailing Club


The Thames

At Bourne End Community Centre tonight, Ken will be giving an illustrated talk on the history of the River Thames – From Spade Oak to Cookham Bridge. There will be the opportunity to ask questions at the end & if you have any items of interest, please bring them down.

Last year Ken’s talk on the history of the local pubs was hugely successful & I’m sure this will be too. So, if you would like to learn about the history of your village, this is a talk full of facts & interesting information.


Mystery Month – Hedsor Road Haunting


Unexplainable pounding on the walls & windows

A local resident sent in this story of a ghost that usually caused a problem in East Ridge but had followed a friend to his house in Hedsor Road.

“A friend of mine lived in East Ridge for many years, he claimed he had a poltergeist & both his mother & sister confirmed this. He had first mentioned the ghost approx.10 years before but I hadn’t taken it seriously until one day I experienced what could only be described as weird.

We were college students at the time & that night my parents were out so my friend stayed the night. I lived in Hedsor Road and had never experienced any ghostly activity in my house at all & never again after this night.

After an hour or so of being home we heard slight dull drumming sounds coming from all around the house, my friend said “He’s here… I can sense it” (I was still not believing him at this point). The sound became louder it was as if someone was pounding the windows here and there all around the house, not hard but unexplainable as it was upstairs as well. Then the rooms became really cold & although you could not see your breath, it felt cold enough that you should.

I turned the fan heater on in my room on full but this made no difference to the room temperature. After a while it died down and things returned to normal, it was pretty scary. Since then, nothing else happened at my house ever again, he still says it goes on at his mother’s house in East Ridge but not so often now.

If you here of any other related stuff from that part of Bourne End, I’d love to know. My friend believes the activity is due to the area being built above Roman graves. ” 

If you have had a similar experience, please contact me at villagejournal@btinternet.com

Thanks, Kaye.

Post Boxes Broken Into

British red post box, isolated on a white background

Post may have been stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning (21st June) by someone who is thought to have used a sledgehammer to smash open various post boxes around the area.

The incidents are reported to have happened in the following areas:

  • Switchback Road North in Pinkneys Green
  • Westwood Green, Cookham
  • Hawthorn Lane, Slough
  • Littleworth Road, Slough
  • Hedsor Hill Top, Bourne End
  • Hedsor Hill Bottom, Bourne End
  • Camden Road, Maidenhead
  • Waltham Vicarage, White Waltham
  • Church Hill, White Waltham

Thames Valley Police are appealing for information. If you have seen anyone acting suspiciously, please contact Thames Valley Police with any information which may assist the investigation. You should contact the 24-hour Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101 or the Royal Mail customer service number on 03457 740 740.