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Dog Shot By Air Rifle In Wooburn Park

Glad to hear Joe is recovering well.


Mystery Month – The Mystery of Vine Leigh House, Well End

Thanks to Joe, who sent in this story ….

I don’t know if this qualifies as a ghost story but it’s a mystery and true.

 When I was a lad in the sixties, I along with my grandma and my dad worked for the boss of one of High Wycombe’s furniture firms. He lived in a large house in Well End next door to the old chapel. The name of the house was Vine Leigh House but I’m not sure if it’s still called that. Dad was the gardener, grandma was the housekeeper and I cleaned the large Alvis car every Sunday morning and helped my dad with the garden.

One day when the family were on holiday my Grandma showed me around the house and pointed out the cellar under the kitchen. Halfway up the staircase was an alcove in which there was an urn and a letter. She told me that she didn’t know what was in the urn or the letter but that they should never leave the house.

I often wondered about it & a few years ago my son became friendly with a girl who lived in that house. I told him the story and he mentioned it to her dad who promptly showed him the articles. Still no explanation. They no longer live there.

There was a story that a tunnel led from the old Abbey in Abbotsbrook to the house but I don’t think it has ever been proved. The house is very old so there maybe some truth in it.


I wonder if the current owner of Vine Leigh House is reading this. Both Joe & I would love to know if the urn & letter are still there, along with any information about the story behind it.