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Could you keep the Bucks Village Journal going?

I am once again on the hunt for someone who would love to take over the Bucks Village Journal…could that be you?

I love the website & the content it holds but I just don’t have the time to keep it going & due to health, I can’t do the networking needed or attend the events that would help to keep some interesting posts about what is going on in our beautiful area.

There is so much that could be reported on locally, so much more history to share & so many events that could be covered.

If this idea would interest you, please email me at kaye.townsend@btinternet.com

I look forward to hearing from you, Kaye.


Now & Then ~ Amazing Drawings Of The Rose & Crown Over The Years, Thanks To Willis Godley

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Willis Godley who lives near what was, the Rose & Crown public house for many years. Mr Godley who is now 96 years old, had been a furniture designer in High Wycombe many years ago & used his amazing drawing skills to document the Rose & Crown during the years 1946 & 1965. Once he realised what we were doing with the Now & Then photos, he offered to show us his drawings & allow me to photograph them to share with you.



Rose & Crown, Wooburn Green, 1946



Rose & Crown, Wooburn Green, 1965

Thank you Mr. Godley, you have recorded a piece of history for us all to admire.



Get Down To Higginson Park Now For Your FREE Photoshoot – No Appt. Needed

As we all often say about supporting our local small businesses, get down to Higginson Park in Marlow to Support Jake’s photoshoot. Take your family & friends too…. he’s not there all day so you need head off now. No appointments are needed.

Take your dog, kids, gran or bestie. You can also book your wedding photos too while you are there. Take advantage of chatting to a local talented photographer face to face.




Free Photo Shoot in Marlow ~ Need your Feedback Please

Yesterday I posted a photo by Jake Henderson Photography which was pretty amazing, but Jake is a talented photographer who attends weddings, anniversaries, parties, baby showers & more.

So, after talking with him about a free photo shoot in Higginson Park, Marlow we wondered how many people would be interested in popping down for a professional photo. This could be a family shot, children, new baby, grandparents, 3/4/5 generations with a new baby, you & your dog or a group of friends.

No appointment necessary, just turn up & have your picture taken.


The photos would appear on Jake’s website for you to view & purchase. This would probably take place in approx. 2 weeks, on a weekend.

I think this would be a great opportunity to get some beautiful photos…. so what do you think? Good Idea? We would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Here’s a couple of examples of Jake’s work & his contact details are as follows: https://aqimage.com/ or
Facebook @jakehendersonphotography
Tel: 07713 022020




Local Photographer Gets Better & Better….

Local photographer Jake of Jake Henderson Photography has taken this excellent shot of a house fly which he hopes will appear in a wildlife magazine next month. He had been asking for opinions of this shot…… well, it’s incredible!

jake henderson photo of fly

You can contact Jake at http://www.JakeHendersonPhotography.com or via his Facebook page.


The Old Railway Line Memories ~ Bourne End to Wooburn

A couple of weeks ago I was taking photos of the Cores End area for the “Now & Then” series of pictures. As we walked by the footpath that leads up behind Willows Road, I couldn’t resist taking a look at the old railway line where I spent a lot of my spare time as a child/teenager with my friends.

It has been years since I wondered along those paths, sat old the old fallen tree near the public footpath & walked towards Wooburn along the railway line. Back then there were mounds of earth & stones that had been heaped up every so often. Back in the 70’s we rode our bikes over these mounds & then progressed to riding our motorbikes over them.

I was so disappointed that the fallen tree trunk had gone, obviously after 40 years it had rotted away but in my mind it would be there forever! The track which had been wide & open is now overgrown & narrow. You can still see the old concrete fence posts about 10ft either side from the current path. Back then as I walked from Willows Road & onto the track, I could see the main road quite clearly across the field of horses from the path, as I walked along to meet my friend Carol who would be coming towards me from Stratford drive, but now all you see is shrubs & trees. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place to walk but it’s interesting how your memories can stand still in time if you don’t see the changes actually happening.

For those of you like me, who haven’t ventured along the track for many years I took some photos. Go & take a look…It’s a very pretty walk.

The end of the public footpath.

The end of the public footpath.


The area where the fallen tree used to be.

The area where the fallen tree used to be.

Slate Meadow is on your right

Slate Meadow is on your right


The path looking towards Wooburn

The path looking towards Wooburn

Read Peter Hoare’s Chanak Food Review, you’ll be booking a table asap!

So this week we gained a Turkish restaurant in Bourne End & there has been quite a buzz about going in to sample the food. With this in mind Peter Hoare has written this great review of his visit with some great photos to support his experience. Thankyou Peter for sharing your review.

Just been to Chanak, so as requested, here is a little review.
We arrived at 7pm, and there were already a few tables filled. By the time we left, there were probably 10-15 busy tables and people coming and going, and people coming for takeaway.
We ordered a starter platter, which consisted of that nice warm fluffy turkish flatbread, and various humus and dips, all really good.
For the mains, we played it safe, not being overly familiar with turkish cuisine, so we went with mixed kebabs and a mushroom side.
The plates arrived, very neatly presented, three types of meat, with rice and salad. The meat was amazing. I’m a bit of a connoisseur on BBQ’d meat, it’s a big hobby of mine, and this stuff was really well cooked. Our plates had chicken, lamb and a lamb adana, which is something I have cooked myself before (they did it much better of course).
The portions were great, and a lot of meat on the plate. The salad was also great, it had some vinegary dressing on that really suited the rest of the meal.
We were offered desert, but we had no room, so politely declined, but I took a photo of the men if you want to see.
The bill came to £120 for four of us, so 30 quid each plus a few quid each for a tip. I don’t think this is unreasonable, and is on par with a decent curry or similar. Also keep in mind that the meals contained a LOT of meat, and meat is obviously an expensive ingredient.
The staff were great, very attentive, very polite. At one point, I accidentally dropped my knife but it was picked up and replaced within seconds.
All in all, it was great, especially considering it’s only been open a few days. I will most certainly be back, and my three friends I went with agreed. It’s an asset to the village.



Bourne End Christmas Fun Night in Pictures

Sadly, I couldn’t get down to the Fun Night myself but Dave Henwood did, all the way from Wiltshire along with his new pride & joy… a top knotch camera! Thank you so much Dave for acting as photographer for The Village Journal & sending these fabulous photos which show the busy & successful Christmas Fun Night 2015 & the wonderful community spirit on the lead up to Christmas! 🙂 

Dave added a little message…..

Having enjoyed last years Christmas Fun Night in Bourne End, I decided that a re-visit in 2015 should be put in the diary. For those that don’t know, I moved from Buckinghamshire to Wiltshire in 1995 but still return regularly to Bourne End and Wooburn Green during the summer months. Making the journey on a dark December evening though requires a bit more dedication but I’m glad I made the effort. It could have been Junction 17 to Junction 8/9 on the M4 but in this case I chose the Train which was far easier. A great evening was enjoyed by many and I think, it was even busier than last year with children of all ages seen having fun and doing a good job persuading mum to limit the mulled wine and dad not to hover too long at the Rebellion Brewery stand!

After a pleasant stroll round the village, testing out the ‘Night Portrait’ setting on the new camera, I called into SMILES for some well earned Fish and Chips. I’m afraid I didn’t manage to obtain either of the two ladies names that appear in the photographs, so, if you recognise yourself, please feel free to add some feedback. Until next year as they say…..well, until the spring anyway. Merry Christmas to you all.


Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 8 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 9 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 7 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 11 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 2 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 3 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 4 Bourne End Xmas fun Night 5 Bourne End Xmas Fun Night 6

Bourne End Christmas Fun Night 2015 - Window Display

Bourne End Christmas Fun Night 2015 

Hiccup is the winning face of The Village Journal, Pooch Photo Competition!

Here is Hiccup – The winner of The Village Journal, Pooch Photo Competition!

Thank you for all your entries & watch out for the announcement of the next competition on http://www.village-journal.co.uk