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Now & Then ~ Flackwell Heath Infants School to Community Centre

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If anyone can date the two old photos, please get in touch.


The Old Railway Line Memories ~ Bourne End to Wooburn

A couple of weeks ago I was taking photos of the Cores End area for the “Now & Then” series of pictures. As we walked by the footpath that leads up behind Willows Road, I couldn’t resist taking a look at the old railway line where I spent a lot of my spare time as a child/teenager with my friends.

It has been years since I wondered along those paths, sat old the old fallen tree near the public footpath & walked towards Wooburn along the railway line. Back then there were mounds of earth & stones that had been heaped up every so often. Back in the 70’s we rode our bikes over these mounds & then progressed to riding our motorbikes over them.

I was so disappointed that the fallen tree trunk had gone, obviously after 40 years it had rotted away but in my mind it would be there forever! The track which had been wide & open is now overgrown & narrow. You can still see the old concrete fence posts about 10ft either side from the current path. Back then as I walked from Willows Road & onto the track, I could see the main road quite clearly across the field of horses from the path, as I walked along to meet my friend Carol who would be coming towards me from Stratford drive, but now all you see is shrubs & trees. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place to walk but it’s interesting how your memories can stand still in time if you don’t see the changes actually happening.

For those of you like me, who haven’t ventured along the track for many years I took some photos. Go & take a look…It’s a very pretty walk.

The end of the public footpath.

The end of the public footpath.


The area where the fallen tree used to be.

The area where the fallen tree used to be.

Slate Meadow is on your right

Slate Meadow is on your right


The path looking towards Wooburn

The path looking towards Wooburn

Howland Tutors

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Help needed to Find a Mrs. Turner.

This message came today on behalf of Ken Allen who is searching for a Mrs. Turner.

Hi Kaye, not sure if you may be able to help once again. A friend of mine, Ken Allen, is trying to find out anything he can about a Mrs Turner who he believes was a teacher/mistress at one of the Wooburn Green schools, I would guess about the 1950’s. Anything you may be able to find out, he would be grateful for. Thanks. John.

Do you think you may be able to help Mr. Allen?  Any information could be of great help. If so, please get in touch.

Thanks, Kaye.


And there’s more….


If you are still looking for things to do this weekend, take a look at the events calendar….  There is a concert at St. Nicholas’ Church this evening, Donkey Derby in Beaconsfield, Garden Glastonbury at The Falcon public house, Rock & Roll Night at the British Legion in Loudwater,  Claytons School Fair on until 4pm, Karaoke at The Happy Union & much more.